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Welcome to Colorful Colorado where you are a mile high and the air is dry. We vacuum seal our Heirloom Corn Tortillas and Masa for that reason! When you are ready to cook your tortillas or use your masa, we recommend re-hydrating with water. That's why we have care instructions for our products.

If you have any questions or trouble, contact via email or instagram so we can help!

1. Take Tortillas Out of the Package and Place on a Plate


2. Wet Hands Slightly and Apply Moisture to the Tortillas 


3. Place Tortillas on a hot Skillet and Allow them to Heat for About 30 Seconds on Each Side


4. Pull Tortillas Off Skillet and Place Warm Tortillas in a Cloth Towel or Tortilla Warmer


5. Make Something Delicious and Tag Us

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